Special series: Dr. Seguí-Moya talks with Prof. Brookman-May about preparing for a job interview

This is 'Episode 3' of the podcast series "What do young urologists need to know," 'Segment 1': "Navigating the transition from residency to professional urology practise." Dr. Elena Seguí-Moya (GB) converses with Prof. Sabine Brookman-May (US) about preparing for a job interview.

Published Sun, 10 Dec 2023
PodcastYoung Urologists

The discussion highlights essential steps and strategies for excelling in a job interview within the specialised field of urology, emphasising the importance of showcasing clinical skills or research experience. Additionally, the episode offers valuable tips on effectively communicating one's passion for the field and aligning personal goals with the prospective employer's vision, ensuring a successful and promising start to a urology career.

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