Why join the EAU?

To be part of the EAU is to belong to a global community of over 19,000 medical professionals dedicated to knowledge sharing and enrichment of urological research and patient care.

Enjoy the benefits

  1. Free access to acclaimed journals
    You have free unlimited access to European Urology, one of the most cited medical journals in the world and its sister journals European Urology Focus, European Urology Oncology, and European Urology Open Science.

  2. The latest EAU Guidelines at hand
    You are entitled to receive both the extended and pocket editions of the newest EAU Guidelines.

  3. Special rates at EAU events and activities
    Benefit from reduced registration rates for EAU events and activities such as the Annual EAU Congress (the discount is as much as the annual membership fee). You will also have opportunities to accumulate CME credits.

  4. Exclusive eligibility
    As an EAU member, you are eligible for grants, prestigious awards, in-demand scholarships, and the EU-ACME Programme.

  5. Complimentary must-reads
    You will receive free copies of the European Urology Today newsletter, De Historia Urologiae Europeae, and unique EAU Congress gifts.

If you have any questions about the EAU membership, you can find answers on our list of FAQs webpage.

Be a valued EAU member

Join the biggest urological community to elevate your know-how and advance your career. Through the EAU membership, you also become part of the knowledge sharing that contributes to medical advances. You help foster alliances among urological communities and keep urological topics on the public agenda. Join us and be a valued EAU member now.