Special series: Ms. Moreno-Fontela and Assoc. Prof. Kasivisvanathan discuss the significant transition after residency

In 'Episode 1' of the series on "What young urologists need to know," segment 1 covers the topic of "Navigating the transition from residency to professional urology practise." Assoc. Prof. Veeru Kasivisvanathan (GB) and Ms. María Pilar Moreno-Fontela (ES) discuss the significant transition from residency to independent practice in this episode titled: "My residency is finished: how will my life change?"

Published Sun, 26 Nov 2023
PodcastYoung UrologistsNon Medical Skills

Assoc. Prof. Kasivisvanathan (GB) and Ms. Moreno-Fontela delve into the challenges and adjustments that come with newfound autonomy, such as managing patient loads, navigating administrative tasks and adapting to a different work-life balance.

The episode sheds light on the shifts experienced by these urologists, offering insights and advice on coping mechanisms, time management, and building a supportive network in the field. Additionally, it explores strategies for continual learning and growth as they embark on this new phase of their medical careers.

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